Thursday, 17 May 2012


I love Christmas. Like any other materialistic North American, I love most everything about Christmas. I love the stupid decorations, the movies on TV, the snow, the family traditions, the food. I love it all. Now some of you may be thinking "she forgot to mention presents". Well you see, around my house my mom never over-exerted herself in the presents department. I'm not saying I feel like I missed out or that I'm not grateful for the presents I did receive, but I definitely don't consider the gift-exchange to be a highlight of my Holiday season. Even Santa was never really a big part of the appeal of Christmas. My mom never really put a lot of effort into the whole "Santa is real" thing.

One time when I was about 7 or so, I asked my mom straight up if Santa was real. I'd heard on the playground from an older kid that Santa was a sham. Instead of dispelling my doubts, my loving mother didn't even flinch when she replied "Nope". Don't feel bad though. I had already questioned his existence when my mom told me that Santa comes into our house at night through the furnace.

Anyways, as I've mentioned before my mom kind of sucks at the giving/receiving of gifts in the proper North American sense. You would think that her natural aversion to gifts would make her shy away from the concept of stocking stuffers, but surprisingly my mom has fully embraced the idea. Stocking stuffers were never a childhood staple of mine, but when she discovered the concept a few years ago she was hooked! I guess it mixes her love for tiny articles of miscellaneous junk with her love for stowing items in inappropriate containers.

Last Christmas, my mom proudly presented her children with the stocking stuffers she had lovingly prepared. She watched as I began to dig out the contents of my stocking:

Me: Oooh... lip balm...

Mom: I got that from Dollarama

Me: ... and a giant candy cane...

Mom: I got that from Dollarama too.

Me: Mom, why did you cut out the corners of the packing where it clearly says "DOLLARAMA" judging from the remaining halves of the letters? You're telling us you got bought 'em from Dollarama anyways.

Mom: Because, Erin! I don't want you to see the price!

Me: But isn't everything at the dollar store a dollar?

Mom: NO! Now things is TWO dollars!

My mom has yet to master the concept of concealing the price of a gift.

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